by car

It takes about an hour to drive from central Hiroshima to Yuki Town.

The safest route is from the Nishi-Hiroshima Bypass –> Prefectural Route 41 –> National Route 433 –> National Route 488.

Start out aiming for Yuki Onsen or Yuki Lodge. Once you reach Yuki Lodge, it is about a 6 kilometer drive towards Mominoki Forest Park.

Please refer to the route on the map below.


by Train and Bus

The bus to Yuki Onsen leaves from the south exit of Itsukaichi JR/Hiroshima Electric Railway Station. From Yuki Lodge, which is the final stop, there are four buses a day (three on Saturdays and holidays) to Yuki bound for Kumode. Get off at Shimokumode and walk 1-10 minutes to your facility.


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