I was able to sleep comfortably even without air conditioning and appreciated the towels available for use. 
I'd like to come again next year!
I was very much looking forward to my first vacation rental house. 
Just as displayed on the webpage, the house was beautiful and well-maintained. 
It was so clean, I felt comfortable walking around barefoot. 
Thanks to special touches illustrating the owner's hospitality, such as the playing cards left for us, I truly enjoyed my stay. 
It just so happened that our visit coincided with a festival in town. It was so much fun and we made a lot of good memories on our summer vacation. 
I really love Kumode Village! Relaxing in nature and looking at the gorgeous starry sky was awesome. 
I'd like to come back again in the spring, autumn, and winter! 
I was a bit worried about insects because the house is located on the mountainside, but I didn't see any inside the house which put my mind at ease. 
I'll definitely come here again. Thank you very much. 

PS - The futon was fluffy and comfortable to sleep on.
The facilities were nice and I was able to borrow items I had forgotten like a towel and toothbrush. 
Everything was quite convenient. At night, the sound of running water soothed me and I had a great nights sleep. 
We played with water balloons in the park. There were lots of toys and I had so much fun. 
Thank you very much. 
I want to come again soon. (6th grader, elementary school)
I'm grateful I could come here to experience hospitality not available in the city. 
Thank you for giving three generations the chance to spend quality time together. 
I'd like to come again if I have the chance. My mother also stayed together with us, so we were four people in total. 
I'm usually quite busy with work, so relaxing in the countryside was wonderful. 
We were told to bring our own food but we inevitably forgot some things; the seasonings available at the facility came in handy. 
We also put the pots to good use. I don't usually sing karaoke, but we sang together for three hours and had a truly great time. 
The house is kept very clean and the futon were fluffy and firm, so I slept quite comfortably. 
When my oldest daughter comes home, I'd like to come here again with her. 
I'm really glad I came!


Thank you very much for today. I really enjoyed my stay here.
I had a great time today! The air quality is wonderful.


Thanks to the mosquito net, I didn't get any mosquito bites. 
I've never opened all the windows of a house before. It felt nice and cool. Thank you very much. (8 year-old) 
Playing in the river was fun. My dad and I played with water guns. It was fun. I love this house. (5 years-old)


I had a great time. Thank you very much! I'll come again. 
Thank you for the kindness and for fielding our requests. See you next time!
Adults and children alike enjoyed our first experience relaxing in the Goemon bath and cooking with the kamado traditional stove. 
The starry sky was spectacular. 
I was so moved and wished I had brought my planesphere to spot the constellations. 
We had such a meaningful trip. Thank you so much. I was afraid of the insects at first, but after a while we became friends. 
The hammock was fun. Thank you for all the summer memories. We'll come again!
The rice we cooked on the kamado stove was delicious. 
Cooking with firewood was easier than I thought, and the gas burner helped things along. 
*The provided insect repellent came in handy
*There was no air conditioner, but there were lots of fans so we stayed cool.
*The barbeque area was thankfully in the shade. 
*The hammock was really comfortable. 
*The futon was quite comfortable. 
*Overall, I had a wonderful time relaxing in the countryside. 

Thanks so much for everything. I made some fun memories.
We are a group of 16 people (11 daults and 5 children) that used this facility.
We enjoyed BBQ, catching bugs, playing in the water, the hammock, and much more!
The house was well-equipped and everyone was satisfied with their countryside experience. 
We will come again next year. Thank you!
For both the children and us adults, it was fun to have so many first experiences here.
Even the small children enjoyed themselves. Our stay was wonderful.
If I could make one suggestion, it would be to put a light in the outdoor bath so it can be used even at night time.
I was so sad to leave, so we'll come back here someday. Thank you for everything.
13 elementary school students used this facility. 
They spent all their time playing outside on the hammock and in the water, or exploring indoors. 
At night, it was quite cool, and we didn't have any inconveniences.
We also enjoyed the atmosphere of the outdoor barbeque space.
Next time we come, I'd like to try cooking rice on the kamado stove. Thank you very much.
It was a lot of fun.
We made pizza and other delicious food. The bath felt really nice.
The hammock and swing were also fun. Thank you very much. I want to come again.(^ν^)
It was my first time visiting and I felt a bit anxious but I thankfully received help preparing from the owner.
I was happy that my kids could be as loud and free as they wanted without worrying about bothering neighbors.
They were truly able to express themselves! Unfortunately, it was cloudy and we couldn't see the moonlight or starry sky.
I'd like to star gaze the next time I visit.
I came with my friend from work.
We cooked and ate wild boar meat using the grill mat.
All the equipment was provided, so we had a great time with no inconveniences.
The bath was also awesome. I was able to truly relax.
I want to come next year too! The pizza was delicious!
My big brother cooked rice for me and that was also really good.
Shimata is the best. Thank you very much.
The pizza oven, open-air bath, hammock...we and the kids had so much fun!
It was spacious and open - lovely!
I was glad that the kamado stove and pizza oven were fully equipped.
I love this place!!
I came with my family of four and as I stoked the fire I was able to imagine how people long ago lived, and compare it to my current life. 
Next time, I'd like to elevate the experience by bringing fish, pork miso soup, mochi, and meat!
I've always wanted an engawa porch, and in the morning I gazed at the mountains, drank my coffee, and took a nap there.(๑>◡<๑)
The abundance of dishware got me excited, and thanks to the bedding and heater I slept so soundly!
I will come again. Thanks so much!