Kumode Plaza

Kumode Plaza features a barbeque area, fishing pond, campsite, lawn area, and more.

The locals wanted to do something to revitalize this depopulating area, so they created the facility themselves.

They’ve also installed playsets for children, so you can enjoy the plaza with your whole family.

In the future, we plan to hold various programs such as fish catching, mochi rice cake making, konjac making, and more.

Usage guide

◯ Admission fee: 300 yen/adult, 100 yen/elementary or middle school student, free for preschoolers

◯ Phone number:080-2911-0981

◯ Address:415 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi

◯ Business hours:9:00~16:00

※ If you wish to rent out the whole space for your group, please give us a call.

Other options


The Plaza has a covered barbeque area.

Bring your food and drinks for a relaxing barbeque experience.

Basic usage fee: Admission fee + 3,500 yen (including charcoal, grill mat, tongs, and tableware)

*The fee may change depending on the number of people.

Private Camp Site (Newly opened in 2021)

Reserve a private camp site located underneath a bridge.

Even if it rains, you can camp without worry.

Usage fee: 2000 yen/tent

E-Bike Rental (New in 2021)

With these electric rental bicycles, you can take a leisurely tour of Yuki’s natural wonders.

Rental fee: 1200 yen

Cook rice on a kamado Japanese traditional stove

You can use the kamado stove attached to the BBQ area to cook rice the old-fashion way, using firewood.

Usage fee: 1,000 yen (including firewood)

*Only 500 yen for those who are also using the BBQ space

Woodland Bath

A five minute walk from the Plaza, you can enjoy a bath in the woods.

Usage fee: 500 yen (limit of three hours, including reclining folding chair)

Experiential Programs

◯ Fish catching 400 yen~/fish + 100 yen cooking fee

◯ Fishing pond 400 yen~/fish + 100 yen cooking fee