“Hiroshima Sturgeon” is a fish farm that raises both edible and ornamental sturgeon fish.

Kept in an environment with fresh, running water, the thousands of sturgeons, both large and small, can breed and thrive.

“Hiroshima Sturgeon” imports and raises fertilized eggs, yolk-sac larvae, and fingerlings from overseas regions where sturgeon farming is popular.

It offers one group per day (reservation required) the opportunity to taste this rare fish.

Hiroshima Sturgeon

Phone number: 0829-85-0257

Address: 214 Oaza Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi


Tour: Reservation required (1,000 yen/person, 500 yen/person for those who also participate in the sturgeon tasting)

Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday