Countryside Café Osorayuki

Countryside Café Osorayuki is a fashionable café, situated in a renovated 100-year-old fire station.

It is a top stop on Hiroshima’s popular suburban scenic roads, and is often featured in the media.

The Café utilizes local vegetables; dishes made with wild mountain vegetables are especially popular in the spring.

Instead of using seafood-based soup stock, Countryside Café Osorayuki condenses the umami flavor of vegetables using a method called “layered simmering.”

This mild broth is sure to warm your soul.

Café staff cultivate their own rice and raise high-quality fish to serve up during the autumn.

Countryside Café Osorayuki

Phone number: 0829-85-0855

Address: 599 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi


Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Lunch: 1,500 yen~